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CIT is concerned that users are running WYLBUR command procedures that were designed by people who are no longer with their organizations, and are not available to fix problems. We are also finding it increasingly difficult to find IT specializes who can support WYLBUR.


Many of WYLBUR's text editing functions can now be performed with desktop text editing programs. FTP enables customers to transfer files between Titan and the desktop. We also have many off-the-shelf products on Titan that provide customers the same functionality as WYLBUR command procedures. To see the replacements for WYLBUR functions, open the replacements table.


  • WYLBUR's edit format for data sets cannot be used outside of WYLBUR. Refer to this Titan News article to learn how to convert your edit format data sets to a format that can be used outside of WYLBUR.
  • Our Titan Help wiki will keep you up to date on productivity tools. Login to the wiki with your Titan userid and password.
  • CIT offers Small Group Consulting to help an office or group of people with a Titan solution that meets their needs. For further information, consult the Titan Help wiki. Contact the NIH IT Service Desk to arrange for an appointment.


We want to hear from you and make sure we address your concerns. Please contact the NIH IT Service Desk with your questions and requests for assistance.

To keep up with the latest news relating to Titan, subscribe to the Titan News online newsletter.

Updated 3/04/2013


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